Steps To Resolve Linksys Wrt54g VPN Error 619

Steps To Resolve Linksys Wrt54g VPN Error 619

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    Here are some simple steps that can help fix Linksys wrt54g VPN error 619.

    linksys wrt54g vpn error 619

    Case Study: VPN Error 619

    Here’s the gear almost everyone uses:

    Router: Linksys WRT54G wireless router version 5 or 6
    Connection: ATT(SBC) DSL
    Modem: Speedstream 4100 or Speedstream 4200
    Operating system: Windows XP SP2
    VPN Client: Native Microsoft


    With wired connections, possibly wireless, where we have already tried to connect to ours. VPN server we would put an error 619 out of 99% of our login attempts.

    When we logged in, there was almost nothing we could do, and after a few Minutes probably offline.

    We tried to change this router, firmware and DSL modem without any changes.


    However, when we connected directly to the DSL modem, our connection worked perfectly. not available with a router. However, we know this is a Linksys issue. In the meantime, Linksys contacted their support department and also tried to update and Downgrade the firmware and almost any changesth settings that the router offers you. unsuccessfully. We even tried a completely different DSL modem, and then another. Multiple routers with the same result.


    Every time we set up a DSL modem, we enter a client ID and password Speedstream and hub allow the router to connect via “Automatic”. Configuration” (for example, DHCP). This is the cause of the problem!!!

    Here are the details we followed to resolve the issue:

    Step 1: Connect directly to your own DSL modem and reset this configuration to manufacturing specifications. To access the modem build page, visit from an internet browser and click the “Intermediate” button. Then click the “Reset Modem” button at the bottom. you should modem access code written on the yellow label below Modem. After resetting the modem, identical to the browser window and Reinstall your router.

    Step 2: With the router connected, open a web browser and navigate to and so enter yourpassword to access his router (by default, the password is normal “admin” and/or user ID is empty). Once inside the router, navigate to this in particular Administration monitoring and resetting the router to factory defaults and maintenance router with reset.

    Step 3: Return to the switch configuration page and as you can see select PPPoE. Login and just enter your dsl user id and security password. Set time zone function and click Save Changes.

    Step 4: Set up your wireless network configuration and security as usual. I would like to .

    Try connecting to a VPN.


    This solution has been tested on all devices listed above and we were able to to reproduce a specific result and issue by including configurations.

    linksys wrt54g vpn error 619

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