What Causes Windows Live SMTP Error And How To Fix It

What Causes Windows Live SMTP Error And How To Fix It

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    This user guide will help you if you have seen live SMTP window errors. Error 0x800CCC67 is caused by a specific SMTP (protocol), usually in Windows Live Mail and in Outlook. In general, the most common reason for these types of errors to appear is that the email provider changes settings (SSL or even port); or if your Windows (antivirus) / (firewall) denies access to any SMTP.

    error smtp windows live

    Windows Live Mail was a free Microsoft email program that allowed drivers to set up email for their accounts and enjoy streamlined email communications. It was easy to manage email and send and buy messages. But like any other system application, Windows Live Mail is too prone to a lot of errors. Errors are often targeted and display various types of error messages. Even though Microsoft has suspended support for Windows Live Mail, users are still turning to it because it’s available due to usage. If the TV app shows an error, you can’t contact Microsoft Support.

    How do I fix Windows Live Mail errors?

    Run Windows Live Mail as an administrator and in the new compatibility mode.Try third party alternatives.ReconfiguredUse a Windows Live Mail account.Check Windows Firewall and/or third party firewall.Delete your current and create a new Windows Live Mail account.Repair the installation.

    Many users report several errors while using Windows Live Mail. In this article, we have eliminated common errors encountered byusers of Windows Mail Live, and suggested an effective remedy.

    1. Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

      If I said Windows Live Mail generates error 3219, that means Live Mail definitely can’t connect to Hotmail/Outlook and possibly the MSN servers to receive your emails. This error occurs when Live Mail needs to connect and sync mail via HTTPS secure mapping. The cause of this error has always been a sudden update of web servers preventing Live Mail from syncing between email accounts.

      Most users set up their Windows Live Mail account with an IMAP or POP account and update their mail servers regularly. Thus, when a new update arrives, WLM can no longer synchronize its servers.

      Solution Fix error 3219

      Why can’t I send emails from my Windows Live account?

      Make sure your company uses the same settings as all incoming mail servers. In the current Windows Live Mail application, right-click on your email account. From the menu, go to Properties, then select the Server tab. Select “Use the same settings as my remote computer” for your inbox and confirm.

      In fact, the most popular solution to this problem is to reconfigure mail servers using Windows Live Mail. You can easily remove and reconfigure accounts by following these steps:

      1. Open Windows Live Mail and transferGo to the “Accounts” section. “+”
      2. Click on the @ symbol.
      3. Fill in your access details here with the correct username and password.
      4. Check the “Configure settings manually from the server” box.
      5. Select server types based on incoming mail server.
      6. Enter the server number and address in the Server address field.
      7. See See Require SSL for a secure connection.
      8. Enter the server address in the Outgoing Server Information section and a set of ports in the Port Type field.
      9. Check “Requires proper secure SSL connection”, “Requires combination with authentication”, then click “Next”
        Do you work! The account is added to the left pane of Windows Live Mail.
    2. Error 0x8007007A when sending email

      If your company is getting error 0x8007007A in the Windows Live Mail app for Windows Mobile or 10 Mail, it means the app can’t send emails. This error occurs when you try to release media attachments from OneDrive. While you can send photos or albums using SkyDrive, OneDrive isn’t for anyone.Allows you to do this and it causes this error.

      With the new OneDrive updates, you will no longer be able to send emails with attachments. The email software remains in the Outbox. However, there are some simple services that can be used to solve this problem.

      Fixed solution for error 0x8007007A

      How do I change SMTP settings in Windows Live Mail?

      In this left pane, right click on your account.Click Properties.Click the “Advanced” tab.In this section, change the SMTP, IMAP, or POP ports.Go directly to the Servers tab.Specify whether the outgoing server requires authentication.

      There are different solutions to this disease, for example:

      1. Delete the message that caused this error, then send another message
      2. Deleting combined with reconfiguring your Windows Live Mail account
      3. Submit our images/images as attachments
      4. Uncheck “Create video/photo email from photo attachments”
        If you consider these companies, you may be able to correct this mistake.
    3. Windows Mail doesn’t work on Windows 10

      After the virtual end of support for Windows, most users switched to Windows 10. But users of WLM for Windows 10 complained that they could not access their Live Mail wallet using them. One of the main reasons for this isthat Microsoft no longer offers users to use WLM. Instead, they offer their users to send Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook or Office 365, which is why many people have designed Windows 10 with our future needs in mind.

      Problem Solving

      Having found issues related to WLM never supporting Windows 10, we have carefully studied and experimented, some of which have returned to find the best solutions to fix this error.

      1. Try running Windows Live Mail in administrator error mode.
      2. Try reconfiguring your Windows Live Mail account.
      3. Also delete the existing WLM account and create a new one.
      4. Try installing Windows Essentials 2012 on ten windows again.
        Now you can potentially run Windows Live Mail on ten windows.
    4. Authentication failed 0x800CCC0B

      error smtp windows live

      Many email providers don’t require authentication for outgoing email, and Windows Live Mail sometimes requires authentication for outgoing email as well.

      If someone receives a code aboutError 0x800CCC0B, this seems to indicate that your email provider is also applying authentication to outgoing emails. In Windows Live Mail, authentication can usually be enabled manually for each account.

      Solution to fix error 0x800CCC0B

      Troubleshooting authentication during a Windows Live Mail error is surprisingly simple. To enable authentication, you need to do the following:

      1. Open Windows Live Mail and click the Accounts tab.
      2. Select the email address of the account and you will also get a validation error, then click Properties.
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