Best Way To Fix Error 1062 Duplicate Entry

Best Way To Fix Error 1062 Duplicate Entry

Updated: ASR Pro

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    If you’re getting “Error 1062, Duplicate Entry” error on your PC, check out these troubleshooting ideas. What the error actually means is that every pending key value is empty. The solution is to fill the hug with unique values ​​and then check to create the primary key again. There can’t be empty, null, or duplicate values ​​or you’ll see this misleading error.

    Well, my professor gave these tables to insert into any type of database, but when I run his own code, MySQL no doubt keeps throwing error code: 1062.Here are the discord tables and embeds:

    CREATE TABLE MANUFACTURER(COD_FABRICANTE integer, NOT NULL,NUMBER VARCHAR(15),PAIS VARCHAR (15),primary key (manufacturer_code));CREATE ARTICLE TABLE(ARTICULO VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,COD_FABRICANTE integer, NOT NULL,Integer pesos NOT ZERO,CATEGORY VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,PRECIO_VENTA integer,PRECIO_COSTO integer,EXISTENCE in its entirety,primary key element (articulo, cod_manufacturante),Foreign key (cod_manufacturer) points to manufacturers (cod_manufacturer));
    INSERT INTO FABRICANTES VALUES(10,'CALVO', 'ESPAÑA');INSERT TO MANUFACTURERS (15, 'LU', 'BELGICA');INSERT TO MANUFACTURER (20, 'BARILLA', 'ITALIA');INSERT TO FACTORY VALUES(25,'GALLO', 'ESPAÑA');INSERT TO MANUFACTURERS (30, "PRESIDENT", "FRANCE");INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Macarrones", 20, specific person, "Primera", 100,98,120);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Tallarins", 20, No. 2, "Example", 120 100 100);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Tallarins", 20, unique, "Segunda", 99,50,100);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Macarrones", 20, first, "Tercera", 80, 50, 100);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Atun", 10, two, "Example", 200,150,220);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Atun", 10, or maybe more, "Segunda", 150,100,220);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Atun", 10.1, "Tersera", 100, 50, 220);INSERT THE VALUES INTO ARTICULOS('Sardinilla',10,1,'Example',250,200,200);INSERT VALUES IN ARTICULOS ("Sardinilla", 10.1, "Segunda", 200,160,200);INSERT THE VALUES INTO ARTICULOS('Sardinilla',10,1,'Tersera',100,150,220);INSERT THE VALUES INTO ARTICULOS('Mejillones',10,1,'Tercera',90,50,200);INSERT THE VALUES INTO ARTICULOS("Mejillones", 10, 1, "Primera", 200,150,300);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Macarrones", 25.1, "Primera", 90,68,150);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Tallarins", 25.1, "Example", 100,90,100);INSERT THE VALUES IN TO ARTICULOS('Fideos',25,1,'Segunda',75,50,100);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Fideos", 25,1, "Example", 100,80,100);INSERT THE VALUES INTO ARTICULOS('Galletas Cuadradas',15,1,'Primera',100,80,100);INSERT VALUES IN ARTICULOS ("Galletas Cuadradas", 15.1, "Segunda", 70,50,100);INSERT VALUES IN ARTICULOS ("Galletas Cuadradas", 15.0, "Tercera", 50, 40, 100);INSERT VALUES TO ARTICULOS ("Barquillos", 15, one, "Primera", 100,80,100);INSERT THE VALUES INTO ARTICULOS("Barquillos", 15, 0, "Segunda", 100, 80, 100);INSERT VALUES INTO ARTICULOS("Canutillos", 15,b, "Primera", 170,150,110);INSERT THE VALUES IN TO ARTICULOS ("Canutillos", 15, 8, "Segunda", 120, 150, 110);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Leche entera", 30.1, "Primera", 110,100,300);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Treatment of the gums", 30, 1, "Example", 120,100,300);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS ("Leche values ​​semi.", 30, 1, "Primera", 130, 110, 300);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Leche 2, enter", 30, "Example", 210 200 300);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Treatment desnat.2, ',30, 'Example',220,200,300);INSERT INTO ARTICULOS VALUES ("Leche semi.", 30, 2.5, INTO "primera", 230,210,300);INSERT ELEMENT VALUES ("Mantequilla", 30, single, "Primer", 510,400,200);INSERT VALUES IN ARTICULOS ("Mantequilla", 30, i, "Segunda", 450,340,200);
    Error code: 1062. Duplicate connection to "Macarrones-20" for key "PRIMARY"

    When I delete a line, I get exactly the same error, but with “Tallarin-20” written on it

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    Error we sometimes see when updating or restoring replicated databases on MySQL server: “Error #: 1062” or “Error code: 1062” on “ERROR 1062 (23000)” ž

    Updated: ASR Pro

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  • Step 2: Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • Step 3: Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors

  • Full error log that we recently saw in some clusterMySQL:

    The Write_rows event cannot be resolved on table mydatabasename.atable; Duplicate entry “174465” for key “PRIMARY”, Error_code: 1062; HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_KEY handler error; all main event log mysql-bin.000004, end_log_pos 60121977

    What Is MySQL Error 1062?

    How do I fix error 1062?

    Delete a specific line is the fastest and safest way to do it when you know that the actual line written is exactly the same as the one that already exists.Howling.Skip Tape – If you’re not sure if there is data loss, you can try skipping a line.

    a lack of:

    To put it simply, error 1062 occurs when MySQL finds a DUPLICATE with the row you are trying to insert.

    • There is a bug in the web setup where elementary keys are added in large steps and the field limit is exhausted.
    • Cluster

    • mysql processing is trying to reinsert the field.
    • Database

    • One Dump file contains duplicate series due to an encoding error.
    • MySQL checklist contains duplicate table rows.

    On very rare occasions, this error will be reported when the table becomes too large, but don’t worry about it just yet.

    How To Fix Error 1062 If Your Globe App Is Not Working

    Any database application such as WordPress, Drupal or OpenCart distinguishes one user or data personalization from another using a so-called fieldMy “main field”.

    error 1062 duplicate entry

    This main field really should be unique for each user, distribution, etc.

    How to fix duplicate entry 1 for key primary?

    Edit your structure, subtract both the PRIMARY KEY definition and the FOREIGN KEYS definitions.Import your data.ALTER TABLE Start song ADD COLUMN id INT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY;Run.Drop the id, accept it ALTER TABLE song DROP COLUMN id;Restore primary key and foreign key.

    Where “id” is a unique primary key and is actually set to auto increment (i.e. almost every number inserted is always much better than the previous one to avoid duplication).


    What is duplicate entry for key primary?

    When creating a primary key or unique constraint when loading data, you can prevent the “Duplicate entry for principal ‘PRIMARY'” error. If the data in the source database is valid and there are usually no duplicates, really check what sorting options are used in your MySQL database.

    This position is valid if the value being inserted is often “NULL” and the database table is associated with “Auto-Increment”.

    Some web applications use the transfer of benefits bug

    where the first transaction is omitted. This inserts the human judgment numbers into the main field, rapidly increasing the number to match the best field boundary (usually 2147483647 to match the numbers).


    Subsequent queries will again overwrite the field with “2147483647”, which MySQL interprets as a duplicate.

    Troubleshooting web applications

    Now that we see a possible error in the iPhone web application code, the developers of the best web support services create an application file point that handles the database request.

    T Now let’s add a main table with an inconsistent key so that it can be restored.

    To do this, we get a new column (aka field), set it to auto-increment, and then get the primary key.

    modify table1 delete primary key;
    modify desktop1 table add primary key field2 int n't null auto_increment;

    error 1062 duplicate entry

    Because the primary key field contains sequential values, I would argue that the new field can be changed to help the old one so that each of the web application’s requests stays the same.

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