Best Way To Fix Bri Debug Interface

Best Way To Fix Bri Debug Interface

Updated: ASR Pro

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    In this user guide, we will identify some of the possible causes that may cause the Bri interface to debug, and then I will provide some possible fixes with which you can try to get rid of this problem.


    debug bri-interface

    When troubleshooting ISDN calls, it’s important to remember that most calls can fail for one of the following reasons:

  • How do I clear the status of the BRI interface?

    Use a special interface cleanup command number that can clean them up. If these conditions persist for an extended period of time, contact your telecommunications company for further troubleshooting. See Troubleshooting Level 1 BRI if Level 1 status is not UP. ISDN layer 2 status with identifier numberterminal endpoint (TEI) with the status of the multiframe structure.

    On-Demand Card Reader (DDR)

  • ISDN Layers 1, 2 and 3 only

  • Point-to-Point Protocol

  • (PPP): This includes issues related to Link Termination Protocol (LCP), authentication, or IP Control Protocol (IPCP).

  • This document focuses on ISDN issues that prevent calls from working properly. This document also assumes that you have verified that ISDN Layers 1 and 2 are working on the line. For more information about checking individual and Layer 2 ISDN status, see Using show isdn Command Status to Troubleshoot BRI.



    Components Used

    This document is not limited to specific software and hardware versions.

    The information in the following document was obtained from devices created in a custom lab environment. All devices used in this description were started with the removed option (default). If you are on a particular network, be sure to review the potential impact on reception before using it.


    See the Cisco Technical Advisory document for more information on conventions.

    Debugging Requirements: Enable Isdn-3 Debugging

    What is the ISDN switch type for BRI interface?

    The ISDN switch type must match the switch type configured for the general terminal. BRI must be turned off and the ISDN Layer1 Emulate Network command entered before this line power command can be accepted. Power Supply 1 is the only supported network configuration. No sustain for current source/sink 2 or possibly 3.

    Use the debug isdn q931 command completely on both sides to enable layer 3 isdn debugging. You must have debug timestamps on both routers at the same time. Timestamps are really needed to provide relative input to the debugging process.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • Step 3: Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors

  • Note. Enable timestamps in milliseconds to get fixes with the following commands:

    maui-soho-01(config)#service timestamps debug datetime msmaui-soho-01(config)#service timestamps log datetime msec

    Additional informationFor information about debug commands, see Important Information about Debug Commands.

    Initiate An ISDN Call

    Generate an ICMP ping to the IP address of the remote router. This should initiate an ISDN call to this router. Debugging both wireless routers generates ISDN q931 warnings.

    There are many variations of Q.Exchanges 931 due to specific requirements for ISDN switch types or court cases requiring additional customization. The following diagram illustrates the general Q.931 transactions associated with establishing a successful ISDN call.

    Note. Some of the following lines of debug output are split into multiple lines for printing.

    Calling Router Router called
    maui-soho-01#18:39:29.ISDN 425:BR0:TX -> SETUP    pd=8 callref is 0x10!-- The calling router sends !-- (denoted by TX) a kind of SETUP message18:39:29.433:         Support capacity i=0x889018:39:29.441: Write Channel ID = 0x8318:39:29.449:         Keyboard layout =i '5558888'18:39:29.822: ISDN BR0: RX <- CALL_PROC    pd is 8 callref means 0x90!-- Agent calls!-- Continue. This indicates that the network !-- is a call.18:39:29.830:         Channel id if i = 0x89...Color="#0000ff">!--!-- CONNECTION received from remote router !--. ISDN connection established!--. Any !-- phone failures after this point are due to more serious !-- problems such as DDR, PPP, !-- authentication, IPCP/IP addressing.18:39:30.036: ISDN BR0: TX -> CONNECT_ACK    pd=about 8 callref=0x10!--- The router responds !--- CONNECT_ACK !--- to the telephone company. 

    How do I reset the BRI interface in q921?

    Enable q921 ISDN debugging to, among other things, worry about messages being sent from the router to the telephone company's ISDN switch. You then need to use most of the plaintext BRI numbers of the interface to define the BRI interface. This forces the router part to renegotiate the selective layer 2 information with the telco's ISDN switch.

    maui-nas-08#18:39:29 ISDN 647: BR2/0: RX <- CONFIGURATION    pd=8 callref is 0x08!-- The called router can receive !-- (denoted by RX) a SETUP message !-- from the switch18:39:29.647:    Bandwidth = all of us 0x8890
    debug bri-interface

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